Investment projects

We invite all business entities, state and private institutions, organizations and individuals to nominate their investment projects and business ideas for presentation at the Sarajevo Business Forum 2024.

We want to hear your ideas, share them with others and help them develop and become successful business stories.

Nominating a project at the Sarajevo Business Forum has many advantages:

  • Your project will be presented to a large number of potential investors from all over the world who will be present at the Forum.
  • You will increase the visibility of your company / institution / organization at the international level, attract the interest of potential partners, clients and investors.
  • You will receive feedback and criticism from experts from various industries to improve your project and adapt it to market needs.
  • You will have the opportunity to join a community of leaders and innovators from different sectors, connect with similar individuals and companies, and exchange ideas and knowledge with others.

To nominate an investment project, please use our online form.