Ms. Snježana  Köpruner

Ms. Snježana Köpruner

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Snježana Köpruner was born in 1956, she graduated and obtained her master's degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. She first worked in a sewing machine factory - Bagat in Zadar, then at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb and the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka as a research assistant. From 1991 to 2000, she worked as a consultant on market analysis and cost analysis projects at Global Sourcing GmbH in Regensburg, Germany, and then, until 2010, was the company's director. Today, she is the CEO and majority owner of GS-TMT d.o.o. which is synonymous with successful privatization in BiH. What distinguishes her as an employer and a man is great knowledge and rich experience, commitment to meeting clearly set business goals, perseverance and constant learning and investing in yourself. Humanity and fairness are also qualities that, in her opinion, are very important for the successful running of a company. He always points out that for the success of a company run by key people, ie. workers who are satisfied and happy to come to work, and today there are over 400. All profits are mainly invested in new production facilities and modern production technology. She is a member of the Board of UPFBiH and the Association of German Economy Wirtschaftsverein in BiH (AHK). She is an active advocate of amending the existing laws concerning the better position of workers, but also increasing the competitiveness of BiH producers. It also constantly points to the need to reorganize and reform education. She has won several valuable awards: Entrepreneur of the Year, European Manager, Regional Business Partner ...