Mr.  Adnan  Smailbegović

Mr. Adnan Smailbegović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

He was born in Visoko, where his mother is from, and his father is from Breza, where he lived until high school. He finished high school in Visoko, and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo. He had no dilemma as to which faculty to enroll in, as mathematics and physics were his favorite subjects. He also had a scholarship from Energoinvest, where he got a job after graduation. After several years of working in the then large state-owned company, he realized that this did not suit his sensibility. While working at Energoinvest, the Law on Waiting was passed, which enabled workers who want to leave work to be paid contributions, but not salaries. He took advantage of that and left Energoinvest, and later started a private business very quickly. After that, he decided to realize his idea of ​​upholstering a car seat with leather goods, because he gained that experience back in Visoko, where he was engaged in upholstery. At that time, he met Nihad Imamović, the owner of ASA, who imported Volkswagen cars. Soon he and Nihad Imamović went to Slovenia, where Prevent had its own companies, to get acquainted with the production. In addition to all that, Adnan Smailbegović did not give up his love for furniture. He invested the money he earned in the company Wood Team in Ilijaš, which now has 200 employees. Almost all production goes to export.