Mesić at SBF: Linking Region Should Be Our Most Important Strategic Goal

Former Croatian President Stjepan Mesić said in his address at Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) that linking the region was the most important strategic goal for these countries.

Mesić said that the essence of the main topic of the conference was discussing the relations in the region. He pointed out that small countries had small markets and that, in this context, cooperation is highly important for them.

He said that small countries also had the ability to adapt to the system and that it was important for the regional countries to understand what was going on in the international economic system. According to him, the economy has been shaped by the ideas of unity and openness for more than 20 years now.

Mesic added that the walls were now returning to Europe and that the policy of the current US administration did not reflect the fact that that country had benefited from free trade the most. He added that international economic relations largely depended on the US, EU, China, Russia and others. He recalled that the Chinese President said that he did not want to end global economy, adding that China could not do it alone.

According to Mesić, courageous political measures to help the economy become more just have never been taken. As for the Balkans, he said that some of the countries were on the brink of economic collapse and if they were to continue on the path of economic nationalism and fighting battles of the past, that would lead them to even greater poverty.

He points out that the economy of the region must lead to linking energy and transportation infrastructure. Mesić added that the world was changing and that the regional countries should have done more to benefit from the economic system.

Former Croatian President says that the processes of linking the region are moving at slow pace, comparing the speed at which Germany and France have done so despite all of their problems from the past. As a recommendation, he described the linking of the region as the most important strategic objective, adding that the economic linking required different political approaches and economic resources.