Ivanić at SBF: Let Us Set Aside Political Differences and Work on Attracting Investors

Attendees at eighth international investment conference Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 (SBF) were welcomed by the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mladen Ivanić who thanked the BBI CEO Amer Bukvić and his team who worked very hard on organizing the SBF for the eighth time.

He welcomed all attendees who came to the country that he said was great for investments.

He stressed that BiH was burdened with political problems but not in the same manner as it had been the case earlier, adding that our system minimizes the meddling of politics in business affairs. He underlined that the convertible mark was pegged to the euro and that our banking system was in compliance with the modern world.

According to him, BiH offers many advantages which are not immediately obvious as people mostly deal with political problems. He is convinced that a different perception of BiH will prompt many quality investors to come to our country. He pointed out that foreign investors would come only when the local investors start achieving good results.

He recalled that too many young people were leaving the country and that one of the local embassies reported that it had issued 15,000 visas in a single year.

"The trend involving young people who leave the country must be stopped at all costs. The best way is to set aside political differences and work on improving the image and attracting investors", said Ivanić.

He said that they were convinced that BiH would become a candidate country for the EU membership by the end of this year or early next year.