Danilo Turk: It is Good that BiH Economy Is Becoming More Independent of Politics

Former Slovenian President Danilo Turk said SBF that the European Union had not initially understood that the way forward involved taking small steps but the Union eventually accepted it, adding that it was good that BiH economy was becoming more independent of politics as BiH Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanić pointed out today.

Turk said that the main topic of today's SBF is linking, noting that this relationship was rather important for the countries in the region. When it comes to geopolitics, he added that there was no solution in confrontation but rather in cooperation, strengthening of the relations and securing a better future for the peoples.

He pointed out that all of us needed to appreciate the concept of linking and that this was in no way limited to the linking of the SEE countries only, but rather that we should be aware of the importance of the EU, Turkey, Asia and other regions.

Turk said that, unlike today, the EU initially failed to understand that the way forward involved taking small steps, reform processes and postponing political issues. He pointed out that we were the victims of political issues.

He added that when it came to water management, BiH offered huge potential, stressing that it was necessary to make way for the people who would spur the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the basis of economic benefits offered in this day and age.