Al Hawaj: BiH is Dream Country and Has Everything Bahrain Wants

President of Al Hawaj Group of Companies Jawad Yousuf Al Hawaj said at the Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) 2017 that Bahrain had great respect for Bosnia and Herzegovina, noting that many people mentioned our country as the destination they would love to visit.

According to him, he has come to Bosnia and Herzegovina with a group of people that have already established a company, adding that he is happy and content about being in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"BiH has everything that we look for, greenery, water and beautiful faces. We believe that BiH is a stable and safe country. In addition, it is very beautiful. I've traveled all over Europe and from 1996 I did not have time to come here. I would say that BiH is a dream destination. Peace and stability are the most important to us. We have travelled and seen a lot, and BiH is a virgin land”, said Hawaj.

He pointed out that the mentality of Bosnians was very similar to the mentality of the people of Bahrain. He said that BiH and Bahrain had much in common and that it was important to consider tourism in that context.

"This opens up the possibility for doing business. Exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina will be our first task", said Hawaj.