Ms. Eldina  Muftić

Ms. Eldina Muftić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Eldina joined Zeraa Agriculture and Investment Management, a leading investor in agro-business industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in October 2016 as a Supply Chain & Agriculture Business Development Manager where her main responsibilities became strategic planning, agriculture business management and operational leadership focused in two companies, Bosnaplod and Hepok. In 2019 she was promoted to Vice President. She is an expert with extensive experience and deep understanding of the agro-business industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina and food industry in general as well as market requirements in EU and the world. She gained her Master diploma at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science in Sarajevo. Throughout her professional work she continued her education by completing number of specialized courses in food safety and quality control standards worldwide including Food Safety International Standard completed in Louisiana State University (United States) in 2014. She has over 10 years of professional experience as a senior advisor in agricultural business development programs for number of international organizations such as UNDP, FAO, IFAD, USAID.