Mr.  Ekrem  Turajlić

Mr. Ekrem Turajlić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Experienced professional in the pharmaceutical industry with proven experience in business in the international and domestic market. Despite the challenging economic and political circumstances in some of the countries with which he does business and for which he is responsible, he has the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve the company's business goals. Guided by the result, he is energetic, communicative and persistent in achieving goals with a positive attitude. It has the ability to adapt quickly to geographical and cultural differences. He is experienced in leading and building teams and developing and motivating people to achieve above expected results. It demonstrates an entrepreneurial approach and focuses on the development, implementation and monetization of innovative ideas and proposals within the organization. He has developed skills in various aspects of business development, including strategy formulation, implementation and execution. He has strong time and project management skills with the ability to perform multiple tasks and prioritize workloads.