Business opportunities


Business to Business meetings are at the core of Sarajevo Business Forum. The Matchmaking software is highly-valuable tool that allows governmental & non-governmental entities to identify potential projects in BiH and region and vice-versa, to set up mutually-beneficial cooperation through 15-minute meetings.

The participants (governmental, non-governmental and private entities) have access to a detailed database of projects  where they can search for a relevant business partner by contact name, company, country, or the worth of project/investment. With the help of the b2b matchmaking platform, participants can foster valuable partnerships via proposed pre-qualified meetings based on their business profiles and requirements.

The platform integrates a user-friendly planning system to avoid overlapping meetings or other scheduled activities, and optimize user-experience. For ease of reading and printing, the participant’s schedule is converted into a PDF file that includes information about each meeting and the profiles of the parties taking part in the meetings.

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